Recorded 1960 / Released 1961


BARRY MILES----------------drums
DUKE JORDAN---------------piano
AL HALL-----------------------bass
BOB MILLER-----------------sax
JOHN GLAZEL---------------trumpet
GEORGE CLARKE----------tenor

Liner notes by WOODY HERMAN

It is not normally my function to write liner notes. As you probably know, my life' activity has been devoted to playing my instrument, surrounding myself with the finest musicians available and conducting my herd. Through the years, I have had the good fortune to have sent many great artists from my bands onto stardom of their own, and that has always given me a great satisfaction. When I was asked to write these notes, however, I was really happy to do so, for in my own small way I feel that I am at least partly responsible for the discovery of perhaps the most unusual artist I've come across.

When Barry Miles was since years old, he was added to a concert that the Herman Herd was performing at Linden, N.J., mainly as a "gimmick" attraction and as a favor to some local residents. However, after hearing him play vibes, piano, and drums (he knocked me out with his conception and his time on fours, etc.), though embryonic in his technique and fluency, I recognized that here was jazzdom's true child prodigy --- and to this day, I know of no other that can approach the talent I saw in him.

My confidence in him was not in vain, for as I directed him from one milestone to another, he worked and worked hard at improving and developing through twenty major television shows; being the youngest member of the AF of M; a concert at Town Hall, N.Y. with his own adult group; to the point where he is now leading his own group on this album.

The men on this album are great musicians, but Barry Miles is a genius and now only five years after I first heard him, he is playing at least on a level equal to the greatest drummers in the business. Listen for yourself!

Barry Miles wrote all the tunes on this album. Their originality, maturity and tastefulness will scare any jazz listener and a few classical listeners, too.

In speaking to me, many times, Barry has said, in discussing and criticizing his own playing and writing; "Age has nothing to do with talent. You either play well or you don't, whether you're one or one hundred years old." So Barry proves there is no "gimmick" here, for he plays GOOD.

I hope the critics, in reviewing this record, forget that Barry is only fourteen, and aren't wont to prejudge and say, "well it really can't be as good as it sounds, after all he's only a kid". When they listen to and enjoy this album, as I know they and the public will, I hope they say, "Here is a great artist writing some excellent things and playing fantastic drums". For if they are broad enough to report in such a manner, they will be doing America's great art form, improvisational music, a great service. For I firmly believe the future of this art form lies in the hands of such talents as Barry Miles.

In closing, let me say that it is to the credit of Aubrey Mayhew and Doris Parker of the Charlie Parker Record Co. for investing their confidence in this great talent, America's Jazz Future.

"Barry is a phenomenon that occurs once in a lifetime"-------------------Leonard Feather----world renowned critic---Downbeat

"Barry is a surprisingly capable artist"----------------------------------------John S. Wilson---N.Y. Times

"Barry is a talented swinger"-----------------------------------------------------John Mehegan---N.Y. Herald Tribune

"Barry is the greatest"--------------------------------------------------------------Woody Herman

"Barry is a unique artist"----------------------------------------------------------King Features Syndicate

"Barry----drum whiz Jazzes with vibes, piano too"--------------------------N.Y. Sunday News---Coloroto Magazine

"Barry is great"-----------------------------------------------------------------------Skitch Henderson

"Barry is too much"------------------------------------------------------------------William B. Williams

"Barry is jazzdoms great prodigy"-----------------------------------------------Art Ford

"Barry drew enthusiastic raves"--------------------------------------------------TV Magazine

"Barry is a gasser"-------------------------------------------------------------------Don Elliot

"Barry is a crazy little musician"-------------------------------------------------Don Lamond

"Barry provided me with one of my greatest thrills in music--------------Chubby Jackson

"Barry gassed me"-------------------------------------------------------------------Jazzbo Collins

"Barry sounds wonderful"---------------------------------------------------------Mousie Alexander

"Barry is something else"----------------------------------------------------------Steve Condos

"Barry kills me"----------------------------------------------------------------------Dick Van Dyke

"Barry sounds real great"---------------------------------------------------------Chet Baker

"Barry is a natural swinger"------------------------------------------------------Roy Eldridge

"Barry is not just a child prodigy"-----------------------------------------------Ran Blake---director Bard Jazz Program

"Barry's a talented boy---the beat of a generation"--------------------------Harold Baker---Newark Star Ledger