Terry Silverlight is a drummer of vast experience in all facets of music. He has written jingles, scored for network shows and films, toured the world over with the top names in the business and has honed his jazz chops into the upper echelon of percussion virtuosity. Silverlight has time that would be the envy of the German rail system. He punctuates (as Bird would say) magnificently and he possesses the ability to pound out accents to embellish the soloist's message and intent.

With a whirlwind style that never seems to override the ensemble, he clearly establishes himself as the leader and chief voice of the group.

"Yo" features the blazing trumpet of Lew Soloff firing musical bullets in this up tempo tune with a boppish feel. Silverlight rides hard and fast with Soloff, complementing the trumpeter's grand tour de force at every turn. This tune is the highlight of the recording with everyone cooking on all four burners. This piece gets off the ground and into orbit like a rocket launch at the Houston Space center.

Drum afficionados, aspiring drummers and simply jazz fans will enjoy and learn from this excursion into jazz fantasia.

-John Gilbert
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