Your book,'The Featured Drummer', is one of the best drum books off all time. If you like a serious challenge that will open up new ideas, have a look at this. One of my favorites. I picked up a copy in London many years ago. Absolutely miles ahead of it's time back then and still is. I often reference this magnificent publication when I'm faced with an over confident, un -experienced drummer, as humility is a precious, as well as essential attribute in life and music. I'm just going to hunt down my copy in my apartment!!! Just wanted to express my graditude. Your book helped transform and nourish the way I approach music.
Thank you.
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--Paul Fletcher (drummer)

I like your playing, and your book "The Featured Drummer" have helped me a lot!
Best wishes from Sweden!
--Antii (drummer)

I'm a drummer/composer living in Edinburgh Scotland.
Just wanted to say hi and thanks for your great book The Featured Drummer.
I've been enjoying your playing for many years.
All the best in the future.
--Chris Wallace (drummer)

Hey there, Terry.
I studied with you back at Drummers Collective 1980-1981. I was an exchange student from Israel back then.
--Nimrod Elissar (drummer)

I still have The Featured Drummer in your manuscript that you gave me at Drummers Collective in 1980. Still amazing. Go Terry!!
--Larry Aberman (drummer)

I studied with you a couple of years at The Collective. Thank you for your great method of teaching and your patience. Those lessons were invaluable.
Thank you Terry
--Jimmy Ford (drummer)