CHANGE and B. B. & Q. BAND

Terry Silverlight's session notes as the drummer on Change and B. B. & Q. Band recordings.

"In 1981 for a week, I was in a recording studio in Bologna, Italy, playing drums on many songs under the production and arranging direction of Mauro Malavasi assisted by bassist, Davide Romani. I was flown in from New York along with engineer Michael Brauer, guitarist Doc Powell and keyboardist Onaje Allan Gumbs. These rhythm tracks were taken back to New York's Media Sound studio where a group of session singers including Luther Van Dross, Jocelyn Brown, Gordon Grody and James "Crab" Robinson overdubbed vocals. Executive producer, Jacques Fred Petrus, split the songs up onto two separate albums and labels. One album became "Miracles" on Atlantic under the artist name "Change" which contained the hit singles "Paradise" (reaching #7 on the US Billboard R&B chart) and "Hold Tight" (reaching #40 on the US Billboard R&B chart and #1 on the US Dance Billboard chart). This was the follow up to Change's "The Glow Of Love" album which contained the hit singles "A Lover's Holiday", "Searching" and "The Glow Of Love" featuring lead vocals by Luther Vandross. Luther was asked to sing lead vocals on the "Miracles" album, but since he had just signed a solo artist deal with Columbia, he declined and instead sang only background vocals. The other album on Capitol under the artist name "The B. B. & Q. Band" contained the hit singles "On The Beat" (reaching #8 on the US Billboard Black SIngles chart) and "Time For Love" (reaching #72 on the US Billboard Black SIngles chart). Over the following two years at Media Sound studio in New York, I played drums on other Jacques Fred Petrus produced albums including Change's "Sharing Your Love", "This Is Your Time", and albums under the artist names "Silence" and "Zinc".

In 1982, Luther Vandross called me to be the drummer for his debut solo artist tour, saying that he thought Terry's drumming on the Change's "Miracles" album inspired their best effort to date. At that time, Terry was in the midst of recording sessions playing drums on Laura Nyro's "Mothers Spiritual" album. Laura asked me not to be absent from her project for any length of time, so I had to decline Luther's offer".

- Terry Silverlight