I put Terry SilverlightⳠlatest album, Wild! (Terry Silverlight Music) into my player and Wild! was just what I got. The disc opens up with a thumping, groove driven 㓰arkey Jⳮ䠉t was a pleasure to hear the likes of Hiram Bullock (formerly of the Jaco Pastorious group) and Paul Shaffer on organ, who both rock it well together and with Silverlight. Throughout the disc, SilverlightⳠtremendous power and versatility are exemplified. Check out the second cut, 㐵gnacious䬠to hear some DY-NO-MITE fills. The album progresses throughout the zones of rock, R&B, groove and a great upbeat swing, 㙯.䠠Silverlight says that the music reminds him of the energy he had as a child. I⭠not sure how good he was at age 7, but his abilities today as a player, arranger, writer and producer are unmistakable.

Andrew Rubin
(c) 2004 AndyⳠJazz Online