This website and all of its content is dedicated to the loving memory of my father

Arthur Max Silverlight

My father, who passed away on January 25, 2010, profoundly encouraged me throughout my life to study hard, strive for the best, and live up to my capabilities.

I accomplished good things thanks to his guidance and influence, and he taught me to be kind, giving, thoughtful, honest, honorable, and value integrity above all.

How he was able to befriend and get along with people when he wanted to, how his love for entertainment often made him the life of the party, how in business he could transform a tense and serious situation into a relaxed and joyful one, are traits I try to emulate in my own life on a daily basis.

When I have a tough decision to make, I always think, "What would Dad advise in a case like this?". Through the years, his instincts and knowledge often helped me get through those difficult moments.

I thank him for all he's given me, I always loved him, and will always remember him.