It's a rare treat to see such a terrific group of musicians at the top of their game playing so tightly together, and I particularly enjoyed that segment where you and Barry did your telepathic thing, which reminded me of the old days of Barry Miles and Silverlight.
--Sandy Thatcher

I got to hear you guys last Wednesday. You all sounded so great!!! It was such a busy scene that I didn't want to pull you away...but I do want to let you know just how awesome it was to hear you and Barry again. John Hoesly and Billy Blum were with me and they were just blown away too.
--Jim Long

I wanted to drop you a line and thank you for the wonderful music last night.
--Jay Rosen

You sounded great last night. Sorry we didn't get a chance to talk. The CD is great.
--John Campo

It's been a while since I've heard you play and you were killin', as was the whole band. Great show.
--Frank Vilardi (drummer)

Didn't get to say hello earlier. Really nice tunes and great band playing them. Very high level stuff - inspiring to hear. --
--Chris Biesterfeldt

I came tonight expecting the best, but am still in shock with just HOW GOOD it was. Compositionally, interactively, individually. Especially you, the music was just so good I don't have the words to tell you. Please if you get the chance, tell Dave Mann how much I loved his playing too. Your brother Barry just blew me away. The connection that you have with him is unparallel. A final word - the JOY that I felt coming from all of you, that is inspiration for me to get out of bed and practice tomorrow. Thanks so much for your music, I am blessed to have heard all of you.
---Kermit Driscoll (bassist)

I enjoyed the show last night at the Cutting Room. You sound Fantastic!
--Larry Corban

GREAT seeing you the other night!! swing hard!
--Benjy King

You guys sounded great.à †abulous drumming. I was having a hard time keeping my eyes off of Will. I don't get to see him play stuff like this often enough.
--Billy Eric (bassist)

It was a really great gig! I had a blast, and I heard all kinds of great feedback from people who were there. You and Barry sounded particularly great . . . you guys have such a strong vibe together when you play. A lot of people commented on that who I talked to. It really hit me on this gig too. I'm definitely looking forward to the next one.
--Aaron Heick

I had a great time and u sounded great as always!
--David Mann

Terry I am so happy for you playing at that level and with such a great band. I'd come and see you anytime because I know I will walk away inspired.
I particularly liked the new band. I never heard Barry play like that the last two times I saw him with you. He opened up so much and was so free and inspired......
The duet might be my favorite as it was on your cd....really not even fair to compare it to the other pieces - it is in a class by itself....again so open and inspired...
And I am so happy you have a guitarist - And what a guitarist - wow!!!!! I loved him on the cd....he grabbed me right away.
And Tabitha clearly owns that song.
Will was a force of guys hook up like nobody's business....
It is great that you can fill a club in NYC! Wow!
Most amazing is that you and your band can sound like that in one set performing once or twice a year! And I would imagine very limited rehearsal given those guys schedules.
Last thing - the drums sounded great and both rides did also....
--Brian Willson (drummer)

You guys sounded so amazing last night.
Thanks for having me...I always enjoy singing on your gigs.
Great seeing and playing with you again. -
-Tabitha Fair

It was a wonderful, amazing concert you gave last night! I enjoyed every second. Your music was terrific (and so was your brother's tune!)I love how you can write such rhythmic music and yet have tunes and harmonies that ring clear. So good. And the musicians with whom you played were beyond terrific.
Your brother and you were incredible with your syncronization. It's a great album.
You're just a great musician and composer, not to mention person.
--Dana Reedy (singer)