My LIVE! album is dedicated to the loving memory of my nephew

Brandon David Silverlight

Brandon, who passed away at the age of 25 on November 14, 2009, was a talented drummer and exceptional teacher. He helped and gave of himself unconditionally to so many people in his community. Had he lived, undoubtedly he would have expanded his influence to a broader demographic.

I feel my LIVE! album is an appropriate dedication to Brandon. Just as these performances brought immediate, real-life gratification to me, my audiences and the musicians in my band, so did Brandon with his exuberance, talent and giving nature to those whose lives he touched. When I'm asked what is the best part of being a musician, I think of how glad I am to have the opportunity to carry on and make more music.

Thank you, Brandon, for inspiring me to continue on my musical journey in an even more dedicated, productive, positive and meaningful way than ever before.